Restyles & Remodels

Our expert fur storage services will keep your garment in prime condition!

Remodel Your Fur Any Way You Want

Restyling Your Fur Garments for a New Look

If you are looking to restyle your fur, you'll be able to select from the newest styles for the coming season. The fur specialists at Barbatsuly Furs will tell you about all your options to change up the look of your fur coat. You can rely on our advice to change the style, add a hood, change cuffs and so much more.

You can give your old fur coat a new look with our many detailed restyling services. Trust your furs to our highly experienced team and you will love the results!

Repurpose Your Furs Coats

We can give your fur a new look and new purpose with our many restyling services. 
  • Shear
  • Make reversible
  • Turn into a vest
  • Adjust the length, shorten or lengthen
  • Add a hood
  • Add knit, ultra suede or leather
  • Resize sleeves or armholes
  • Add new cuffs or change cuff style
  • Change shoulder or sleeve
  • Make a fur collar, scarf, purse, earmuffs, etc.
  • Turn family furs into memory preserving teddy bears
Fur Trade-In Options
Visit 1046 Franklin Ave. 
Garden City, NY 11530
Ask about our trade-ins for old furs or family furs. We offer honest and fair fur appraisals as well.

Call 516-742-8280
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