Fur Repairs & Alterations

Our expert fur storage services will keep your garment in prime condition!

Services to Restore Your Furs

Top-Notch Fur Repairs and Alterations

At Barbatsuly Furs, we offer a full range of fur coat repair, alteration and restyling services. We fix tears, replace lining, hooks and eyes, monogram, shorten sleeves and bottoms, and more.

We know that you are entrusting one of your finest possessions with us, so we make sure only the finest and experienced furriers' hands will do the work.

Premium Fur Garment Services

  • Repairs
  • Alterations
  • Restyling
  • Fix tears
  • Replace hooks and eyes
  • Replace lining
  • Monogram furs
  • Shorten sleeves and bottoms
Fur repairs and alterations
Fur Trade-In Options
Visit 1046 Franklin Ave. 
Garden City, NY 11530
Let us transform your fur coats with restyling and repair services or ask about our trade-ins for old furs or family furs.

Call 516-742-8280
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