Glazing & Fur Care

Our expert fur storage services will keep your garment in prime condition!

Let Us Help Keep Your Fur in Mint Condition

Glazing and Fur Care to Make Your Garment Last

Regular maintenance, cleaning, glazing, and cold storage will help keep your furs conditioned and help prevent damage. The experienced furriers at Barbatsuly Furs will help you increase the longevity of your fur coats to ensure they remain beautiful and in good condition throughout the years.

Fur glazing and cleaning conditions the leather, and keeps the fur clean of dust and insects that may make your coat look matted. Glazing and cleaning can help reduce drying and cracking and will make your coat look and feel good inside and out.

The cleaning process involves shell restoration and removal of dust, insects and dirt. A fine powder is used as a cleaning agent to delicately remove dirt and excess oil. The glazing process includes steaming and ironing to bring out the natural sheen and luster of your coat. Trust our team of fur specialists to take care of your coat and restore it.

Caring for Your Fur Coat

  • Summer storage for your fur in a temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Ensure your coat is cleaned and glazed every other year to remove pollen and dust
  • If your coat has a rip or tear in the lining or fur, let Barbatsuly Furs repair it
  • Unfasten buttons and zippers when not in use to prevent stressing of these areas

What Not to Do With Your Fur Garment

  • Never keep your fur garment in a plastic bag
  • Don't allow your fur to be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time
  • Never apply a heat source directly onto your fur coat
  • Don't assume your fur garment is protected in a cedar closet or air conditioned home. Loss of natural oils and damage from drying are common for furs kept in homes and dust and insects can still occur

Fur Cleaning

You do not clean a fur coat just because it gets dirty. The number one concern with fur material is that the natural oils in the pelts will dry out. Once this happens, the pelts become so brittle or tender that they will tear with incredible ease, rendering the garment useless. If you feel a fur and then rub your fingers you should be able to feel a very slight oiliness. This is normal. Dust, pollutants, and airborne particulates are attracted to this and get caught in the hairs of the fur. They then act as a sponge drawing the natural oils out of the pelts. These particles also have an abrasive effect on the hairs of the fur that can wear on the natural shine of the fur over time, causing it to look old and tired. When you clean a fur your primary goal is to remove these materials from the hairs. For this reason, when an expert furrier recommends cleaning your fur yearly, he/she is doing so in your best interest.

What does this mean to the average consumer?

Have your furs cleaned once every year while it is spending the summer months in cold storage. Clean it a second time during the winter season if you wear it a lot, it is often exposed to smoke, hairspray, makeup or perfumes. 
Get a fur appraisal and know the worth of your garments.

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Fur Cleaning
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